Ready to bring a long history of successful management and legal experience to work to help you resolve your disputes fairly.

The owner and principal consultant of Spence and Associates is Howard T. D. Spence. In that capacity, he manages three affiliated companies in the group -- Black-Gold Associates, LLC, Spence-Associates, LLC, and Howard T. Spence, PLC.

Judge Spence (retired ALJ) has served as a neutral in the labor relations area and a neutral in the administrative-regulatory law area as an administrative law judge. Howard retired as an administrative law judge for the state of Michigan in 2002. He continues to be active in national associations of administrative law judges and ADR professionals. He has served as Editor of the NCALJ Newsletter which is published by the American Bar Association National Conference of Administrative Law Judges. Howard served as president of the Michigan Association of Administrative Law Judges for two years prior to his retirement from the state adjudicatory service. Referrals for arbitration services derive from the American Arbitration Association and FINRA (NASD).

Howard is a licensed attorney in the state of Michigan, and in the federal courts. He is qualified to provide basic legal services and counseling to individuals, businesses, and organizations - associations. He and other qualified associates of Black-Gold Associates stand ready to provide you with objective, independent, and fair decision making services to resolve disputes and controversies. Services are offered on either an ad hoc basis, or pursuant to an ongoing contract for such services.

In addition to his management experience as an administrator of complex regulatory state agency programs, Howard has extensive experience in labor relations and employment relations situations as representative of both management and employee-union/association interests.

Howard has a long history of responsible management experience in a number of state agencies and has served as national president of the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society (IRES), a major national association of regulatory professionals. He holds the designation of Certified Insurance Examiner (CIE) from the IRES.

Howard also has experience in organization leadership and employee-member motivation. He has developed and administered significant state contracts. He has also been involved in organizational process analysis, as well as office automation and basic level micocomputer installation and programming in a number of varied organizations and settings.

Details of Judge Spence's experience, education, and training are set forth in detail in his resume. Downloadable Information about Black-Gold Associates and the ADR services provided can be found in the Black-Gold Associates Practice Brochure. Information about the Mediation Practice and facilitative mediation techniques employed by Black-Gold Associates can be downloaded also in the General Black-Gold mediation information sheet.. Contact information can be found on the downloadable business card.

Additional biographical information and also samples of some of the published opinions written by Judge Spence in the licensing and regulatory areas are available for review and downloading at DCIS Bureau Of Hearings Decisions. Just open the drop down listing of administrative law judges and select Howard T. Spence.